Top 7 best movies like the Lake House

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Movies like The Lake House category are movies that usually people relate to each other at different times and in different ways.

Of course, the films of this category are not only categorized based on people’s lives in two different times but also the moving of the soul and body is considered, like the anime “Your Name”, it is worth mentioning that this is a love story so that it is usual to see romance movies too.

About the love scene of the movie, we can say maybe it is a little like the Movie To Watch With Friends And Your Besties.

Exploring the merits and demerits of The Lake House does not seem entirely pointless.

While moving out of her lake house, Kate is a young doctor who leaves a note for the next tenant, listing the pros and cons of the house and asking him to send her letters to her new address. The next tenant, Alex, is an architectural engineer who took refuge in the cozy home to escape city life.

His response to Kate’s letter leads to a friendly relationship between the two. A relationship they could never find in the real world. But, this sweet dream is nothing more than a nightmare when they understand: at two different times! And they live two years apart from each other…

1. The first movie from the list of the movies like The Lake House is In Her Shoes (2005)

6.5/ 10

movies like The Lake House

In Her Shoes is an American comedy-drama movie in 2005 based on the novel of the same name by Jennifer Weiner.

The story is about two sisters, their father, and their stepmother. These two sisters, each going their way in life, are named “Rose” and “Maggie”. The older sister, Rose, is a lawyer who lives alone and has a closet full of shoes. The younger sister, Maggie, is a charming, irresponsible, and selfish girl…

2. While You Were Sleeping (1995)

6.8/ 10

The second movie from the list of the movies like The Lake House is While You Were Sleeping.

“Lucy” (Bullock), who works in the ticket office of the city train, dreams of marrying “Peter” (Gallagher), one of the passengers.
One day “Peter” falls into the train tracks, and “Lucy” saves him. But “Peter” falls into a coma due to the intensity of the blow. Very soon, everyone thinks she is “Peter’s” fiancee, and “Lucy” also tries to tell the truth at first, but later she also enjoys playing the role of “Peter’s” fiance…

3. Maid in Manhattan (2002)

5.3/ 10

Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan

The third movie from the list of the movies like The Lake House is Maid in Manhattan.

Maid in Manhattan is a 2002 American romantic comedy-drama movie.

The story film is about Marissa (Jennifer Lopez), a maid in one of the Manhattan hotels, who accidentally meets Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes), a candidate for the House of Representatives, and Christopher likes Marissa, despite her job, maid in the hotel.

4. your name (2016)

8.4/ 10

The fourth movie from the list of movies like The Lake House is your name.

Yatsuha Miyamizu, a high school student in Japan who is tired of living in the countryside, dreams of becoming a good-looking boy in Tokyo in his next life. Taki Tachibana is also a teenage high school boy from Tokyo. When a comet approaches the earth, their dreams and lives are changed, and one day Taki and Mitsuha realize that their bodies have been switched with each other and…

5. Just Like Heaven (2005)

6.7/ 10

just like heaven

The fifth movie from the list of the movies like The Lake House is Just Like Heaven.

“Elizabeth” (Witherspoon) falls asleep behind the wheel of a car, has a severe accident, and falls into a coma. A few weeks later, a man named “David” (Ruffalo) rents “Elizabeth’s” apartment, but he immediately notices that “Elizabeth” has not entirely vacated the house. The body of “Elizabeth” may be dead, but her soul is entirely alive, and she insists that the apartment still belongs to her…

6. Runaway Bride (1999)

5.6/ 10

The sixth movie from the list of movies like The Lake House is Runaway Bride.

“Maggie” (Roberts), who has repeatedly gone to the edge of marriage, has been nicknamed “the runaway bride”. A reporter (Geer) who is assigned to write the biography of “Maggie” goes to the town where “Maggie” resides in Maryland to find her. The more “Maggie” continues her relationship with this smarmy reporter, the more her opinion about her new fiance (Maloney) changes…

7. If Only (2004)

7/ 10

if only

The seventh movie from the list of the movies like The Lake House is If Only.

Samantha Andrews is an American music student and a graduate of University College London. She is a rash and awkward person who is in love with someone named Len Windham. Unlike Samantha, Len is a cold-blooded person who spends all his time on his busy work and pays little attention to Samantha. However, Samantha is not discouraged by this lack of awareness and is trying to strengthen their relationship. One day Len has a dream according to which Samantha will soon be in danger of death and…


In the list of the movies like The Lake House, most of the movies are romance and love stories; this shows the power of love story movies in America.

And finally, I would like to thank those who gave us their time to read the “movies like The Lake House” article with care and attention.

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